Software for ski resorts

We have recently completed the implementation of our new softwarefor monitoring and control ski lifts. System features

Combined sorter

Separates the different materials in one process. Multiple output streams. Save space and money with multi decker design and compact. You can combine any existing technology: Magnet, Foucault, induction, Led, X-ray camera and laser vision. Scalable for each production capacity: available in various widths. Friendly operator interface and easy to use. Saving work. Upgradeable. Read […]

Proficy Real-Time Information Portal

Proficy Real-Time Information Portal is a web application analysis that provides an overview of the entire production process in real time. Provides access to databases, historical plant data in real time and other sources. Provides a platform for process analysis and collaboration between different departments or individuals in a company, in an agile and simple.


We analyze each application to select the most suitable machinery or develop a specific one.


Official integrators of the best brands of industrial software and custom software developers.


Design of prototypes, home automation facilities and intelligent buildings. Legalization of facilities.


The equipment we offer allow us to save money and space with its innovative building design and increase our benefits thanks to the high quality of the results of separation.